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West Hills, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Crystal Cast Birth Doula

Creating the best experience

Birthing a child is one of most significant experiences of your life, in which you will remember for years to come. As a birth doula, it is my job to help you have the best birth experience possible, your way. I work along side the laboring person and their partner, coaching them through each step. The hospital environment is always hustle and bustle and numerous people are constantly coming and going. Having a doula by your side, guiding you through every breath and movement from the moment you go into labor until you have that baby in your arms, can make the world of a difference. Don’t cheat yourself on one of the most important experiences of your life.


Let’s get personal: me in a nutshell 

I am an LA based mother of two kids and several dogs. I am a better singer and dancer than I am a cook, although I make a mean Shabbos chili. I grew up on Long Island NY, where my parents showed me to see the beauty in all things and how to appreciate a good bagel. My path to become a doula came after the experiences of having my own children. I learned how to self advocate and steer my own path. Now I dedicate my time to helping new parents find their own path and guide them through having the best experience possible.


My Services

As your doula, here’s what you can expect from me

-24 hour over the phone support through entire prenatal period.
-3 prenatal visits, to discus birth plan, preparing yourself for labor, introduce comfort measures for labor, and go over any fears/concerns/ or hopes you may have for your upcoming birth. -My sole face to face attention at the time of your birth. Coaching you through every contraction and every push. - Open continuous communication after baby is born to answer any questions you may have.