Crystal Birthing

A safe space, for all things pregnancy postpartum, and women’s health.

When it comes to your body and your health you should be informed and supported. Crystal Birthing offers a safe space for all things pregnancy and postpartum, as well as access to Informative resources on women’s health issues and healthy sex.


Birth and Postpartum doula support 

Birth doula services

Informational, and emotional support, providing access to resources and over the phone contact through entire prenatal period.
2 prenatal visits, to discus birth plan, preparing yourself for labor, to introduce comfort measures and go over any fears/concerns/ or hopes you may have for your upcoming birth. My attention at the time of your birth, to coach you through the entire labor experience, providing comfort measure and physical and emotional support. Open continuous communication after baby is born to answer any questions you may have. One postpartum visit to check in.

Postpartum services 

As a Postpartum doula, we provide support after baby/babies are born and help with baby care/ parent self care and assimilation in the home.

Contact me to learn more about all of the services that I offer or for general information on birth options in your community.